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Aluminum is the most durable of all the materials used in shopfronts. If you are planning to get shopfronts installed in your building, then it is the best choice. Aluminum is a storehouse of many qualities which are difficult to find in one material. Not only is it durable but also flexible, lightweight and recyclable. It provides sturdy support to the shopfront and you will never have to worry about corrosion setting in. If you are looking for shopfronts London, then you must go through this post –

The constituent materials

Aluminum shopfronts are made up of the following constituent materials-


1. Aluminum


It is used in the form of metal sheets as per requirements.

2. Brass

It is used to do powder coating over pivotal joints, hinges, and stiffeners.

3. Stainless steel

It is used for making latches, screws, and brackets in the shop front.

4. Zamak

It is used in making brackets and stiffeners sturdy.

5. Nylon

It is used to provide thermal breaks and helps retain the heat of the building.

6. Aluminum provides optimum security

The material is most suitable for shop fronts. It provides optimum security against burglars and thieves as it is hard to break and has a highly robust composition.

Processes involved in the Aluminum production

Bauxite crushing –It is used for extracting aluminum from bauxite by crushing, drying and grinding it and mixing it with a little water. This process keeps the silicon particles away.

  • Electrolytic Reduction-It involves passing the aluminum in cast form through a reduction process at a high temperature of 950 degrees Celsius. It makes the aluminum sturdier.
  • Rolling the Cast Iron to Aluminium alloys

This process involves shaping the aluminum into its required shape. Many aluminum products like frames and alloy products are made with this process.

Benefits of Aluminium Shopfronts

  • It is an environment-friendly material as it can be recycled and molded easily while still maintaining its quality.
  • This material is suitable for both the official as well as residential buildings. They can be customized according to the customer’s interests and preferences.
  • Aluminum is available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs which lend it a glamorous look. It gives the material an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Aluminum doesn’t require much in the name of maintenance. It requires some routine dusting and cleaning and you will be surprised at how the material remains stable through so many years.