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Excellency Shopfronts Ltd helps in installing a wide range of Rolling Grilles. These grills are of high quality and are of iro, made in wrought. The metal fencing not only with just simple designs but a complete new professional look with creative ideas by giving complete priority to the details that you will give to our service man or expert who visits your home or office. The business men too can get that finishing touch in their buildings with our designs which are surely value for money

Moving Grilles may be punctured, brickbond example open grilles or infilled with polycarbonate vision boards so that products within the shop are visible at all times, whilst still retaining full security for the premises.

These can be formed in solid non-vision strip and delivered in a heavenly scope of manufacturing plant joined powder secured shades from both the high bassinet i.e. RAL and British.

Customization is possible for different kinds of shades and grilles, including photograph electric cell, remote sensing or hand-held actuation.

Excellency Shopfronts Ltd produce and introduce an extensive variety of Roller Shutters and Rolling Grilles and Gates, both for autonomous or shop-front application. These are used to overhaul out of hours security to ensure your business is as protected as could be normal the situation being what it is.

Moving Grilles may be punctured, block bond example “open” grilles or in-loaded with polycarbonate vision boards permitting your potential customers/ clients to still see into your premises to view offers/ items without bargaining on the security of the premises. These are likewise accessible in powder covered shades that can match your marking/ organization colors and looked over both the RAL and British Standards palettes.

Electrical operation is open for distinctive mixed bags of shades and grilles, including various photo electric systems, or hand-held institution.


1. Driveway Gates

Drive gates are the grandeur of the house or shop which not only enhance beauty but also the security of the house. Driveway gate must be matching to the architecture of your house.
We offer metal, Wooden and even combination of both with high quality of material for the rust resistance and long life. Even close circuit cameras, multiple locks intercoms can be installed that will assure your security along with the appealing look.
Range available for all slide gates, swing gates, barrier gates, vertical pivot gates, vertical lift gates and these gates offer you the convenience, security and curb appeal to façade of your house or shop.

2. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy cooking under the sky without any kind of odor.

We offer the exclusive designs for your cooking place to look more spacious while considering about the layout such as the location, space flooring, and appliances required and want to install .

We completely offer the bespoke service with the tailored designed which will not only make your outer space beautiful but also give you comfortlike inside without the botheration of weather conditions.

Our designs are not only exclusive but also fit to your pockets and desires. Outdoor kitchen designs also enable the installation of gas and electric heater to make your kitchen cozy with the help of highly skilled carpenters and the structural engineers.

3. Metal Garden Gates

We offer the metal gates for the fencing of your beautiful garden which can be customized up to your desires. Metal gates are elegant and robust and pretreated for the corrosion resistance which can fit up to any dimensions. Heavy gauge and solid gates are delivered for proper security and the durability. You may have gates with options of Single and double leaf. All gates fitted with traditional thumb latch and the Double gates fitted with drop bolts

Along with the Additional color coatings these gates may differ according to the panels 1m high or 500 mm high and even you may choose for the hanging on left or right side according to your place and choice

4. Garden Gates Wooden

We deliver the high quality wooden gate made up of timber with customized design the perfect fit to your garden.

Pre-assembled gates require less maintenance and less time for the installation that have the durability and quality both. Material used is also fully FSC certified and gates are ledged and braced using pressure treated structurally graded timber
You may click either your favorite or order for the desired design

Each gate is delivered with the required hinges and the bolts. We have the latest and exclusive designs of UK and London for the fronts of your home and shops


We have exclusive range of the grills for your backyard cooking which will add to your taste and fun.

1. Charcoal Grill

We provide the exclusive customer friendly designs for the charcoal grills starting from main cooking area 500 sq to the 725 only in the primary cooking surface.

These grills are attached with the side fire box for indirect smoking with the heavy steel construction.
We offer the adjustable durable cast –iron cooking grates with having features like Catch Pan, Heat Thermometer, Removable Ash Catcher, Storage Rack, Tool Holder, Warming Rack and Wheels

Availability of the grills with the unique cart designs for easy moment even on the uneven surface

2. Gas Barbecue Grills

If you want to ignite just with a single click having proper control over the temperature without compromising on flavor then we may offer you the perfect gas BBQ grill with the warranty.

These grills are having adjustable steel and cast iron burner even two stage gas control with the flame tamer to preserve the flavor. You may have grill starting from 1 to 4 burners depending on your requirements. You have exclusive designs for your backyard cooking grills.

Some grills have the foldable side shelves along with the detachable stands which will occupy less space.

3. Portable Barbecue Grills

Now plan your picnics and outings with the fun of barbeque. We deliver the portable BBQ that are easy and light to transport and assemble.
We offer you the compact size designs which can easily fit to your place.

Grills offered are rust proof and having chip resistant along with the warranty. We offer the exclusive and unique designs of London that are having features like easy to clean, simple and fast ignition, easy to carry, detachable stands up to waist along with the durable cast iron cooking grates.

4. Electronic barbecue grills

These are ever green grills enable you to enjoy barbecue all year without bothering about the weather or fuel.

We have the large range of designs for both table and top BBQs with the detachable and fixed stands These grills are having easy and fast ignition with no naked flames for even enjoying BBQ in the confined areas. Grills are having special features like heat resistant housing with griddle plate section and integrated heating element

Easy to carry and maintain as detachable cable designs are also available that are safe and fast for your BBQ.


1. Metal Fencing

We offer wide range of metal fencing to give appealing look to your house and to stand out your property even in the crowd.

We offer fencing for commercial security, security gates, security fencing toppings bollards and parking controls even metal fencing for the houses, grounds and the parks.

Availability of the customized designs of wrought iron, strong steel and aluminum having the required resistance and durability

2. Wooden Fence

You may click for the exclusive and handcrafted design for your fencing of timber and even of bamboo.

We deliver wooden fencing with the pre-coated color which provide durability and you may design your fencing according to your needs and requirements for different heights and the shapes.

All services are provided with the quality and cost advantage which shape up your imaginations.

Metal Gates

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