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If you want to hang your external or internal door then suitable door frames are the prominent need of you so it is important to plan for the best door frames in UK so that before installing new door to your house you could have something to attach to. Door frames not only essential to hang the doors but also the hinges of frames that are screwed into frame also secure your door.  You can also freshen up the look of your door with the replacement of just old frame with the new elegant and stylish door frames in London.

We offer the excusive range of door frames that provide perfect solutions to install both external and internal doors. As framing a door is not child’s play so we ensure the effective installation of door frames with complete care and accuracy. If the installation of frames will not be done correctly then the door can jam, stick or become difficult to use so we ensure the well fitted frames so that these frames can help to reduce drafts, keep you snug and warm with perfectly working door.


We offer wide range of door frames for external and internal doors at competitive prices. Choosing a best suited door frame is not easy task as door frames can be of various materials and of various measurements so it can be difficult for common man to choose the frame.

We provide complete assistance in choosing the best frame for your door that not only secure your door but also compliment it by enhancing its look and beauty. According to the material used for door the frames can also be used of the same material and further for the size of frame we provide assistance and choose the size after following steps

  • Firstly height of the brickwork opening at either end of door or in the center is measured
  • Further the width of brickwork at top, bottom and middle of opening is measured
  • Calculating the average of each set of measurements according to sie of opening
  • Approximately 10mm from the average size and width has been deducted to determine the correct width and height of door frame you need

We deliver More Than Just the Frame as we also offer door linings, skirting, architraves and exterior weather bars that can complete your door installation. So if you are looking to give makeover to your place then we are here to help you.

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