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Metal Stairs

Excellency Shopfitters Ltd is one stop shop for the supply of shopfronts and passageways as well as entryways. We also provide services for installing automatic doors, grill gates, metal stairs and shutters etc. We supply a wide range of customized metal stairs which suits to our customers requirement perfectly.

Metal stairs have a lot of benefits over the traditional cemented stairs. The best thing about metal stairs is that it can fit easily in less space as well whereas in a case of cemented stairs it is next to impossible. Metal stairs are easy to install and also keep a check on the cost of construction. It requires very less maintenance as compared to other types of stairs. It can easily bear the scorching heat and rain which is not possible for the wooden stair. In addition to that, they are more sturdy and last way longer than the wooden ones. With metal stairs, there is no termite problem. They are more durable than cemented ones too. Metal is more viable than any other material.

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