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Automatic doors have become need of the hour in this techno savvy and sedentary world where everyone seeks for comfort even for entering and exit options. These automatic doors along with the comfort provide appealing look to hotels, shops, offices, banks, railway stations and even hospitals.

Automatic Sliding Doors

If you are looking for elegant, trendy and space saving solution for entrance and exit then automatic sliding doors are the best option. These doors are perfect for the best use of daylight and optical criteria.  We provide designs with the customization option that fit to the application requirements within building.  We are leading in Fully Automatic-Power Assisted or Low Energy modes for the sliding doors.


Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swinging option can make it easier to going through the door that is difficult and complex in manual operation. We provide the swing doors with reliability and safety for swing door drives that go hand in hand with the clear and trendy design lines. We ensure the clients specific solutions that are matched with the creative skills of planners and architects.

While installing the designs we keep in mind for invisible and blending of unique operator derives of 7 Cm height. Even electro hydraulic TSA is perfect solution for convenience and support for opening a door. Appealing feature of our designs is that electromechanical drive allows hassle free interiors for opening and closing gently and conveniently.

 Estimation for Automatic door prices in UK, London

Door type (sliding doors) Height Width Estimated Price
ASD100-2115-2 2095 1450 $ 409
ASD100-2118-2 2095 1810 $439
ASD100-2124-2 2095 2410 $500
ASD100-2127-3 2095 2700 $598
ASD100-2136-4-NG 2095 3612 $750
ASD100-2148-4-NG 2095 4812 %880


Factors that can add to automatic door cost in UK, London.

Option Estimated cost
Standard Fibreglass Mesh for fly doors $200
Aluminium Mesh for fly doors $250
Stainless Steel Mesh for fly doors $350
Standard Fibreglass Mesh for single diamond security door $ 390
Aluminium Mesh for single diamond security door $ 450
Stainless Steel Mesh for single security door $ 550
Glazing for 5mm Tgh Clear glass type $60
Glazing for 6mm Tgh Clear glass type $ 85
 Glazing for 6.38mm Grey Laminated  glass type $ 75
Color options Depending on color selected
Hardware On the basis of quality of material used


Automatic Swing Doors


Benefits of automatic doors

  1. Energy savings

Automatic doors help to preserve the temperature of inside like warmth in winter and cooling of Air Conditioner in summers which lead to save your electricity bills.

  1. Hygiene

These doors due to automatic options close and open in very less time so reduce the contact time  of inside environment with outside polluted environment and even it restrict the contact between visitor and door handle so make the inside ambience very hygienic so perfect solutions for hospitals, operation theaters and diagnostic centers.

  1. Access Control

Automatic doors increase the access of control for surveying and defining transit flows such as for shop that want to allow inside customers to outside after closing time while preventing the access of new customers.

  1. Uninterrupted operation

In case of power failure or black out operation can be assured buffer battery with the controlled recharging option.

  1. Security

With the installation of electro mechanic security dead bolts these doors provide security from outside intrusion and even the integral, breakaway panic kit reduces the need for use of security push bar doors.

  1. Styling

These doors provide the trendy look to the place with the exclusive design concept and even it help to maintain the image and prestige as these doors are designed with the specification of customers with additional creativity of planners and architects.

We offer the all designs with flexibility for customizing option at any stage of designing and even we provide best services of manufacturing, installing and repairing automatic doors.