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Excellency roller grille shutters are simple, robust and provided with the flexible designs. These roller grille shutters are like door curtains that are assembled very tightly and suitable for wide range of applications such as

  • Perfect for loading bays
  • Underground garages
  • Ideal for security of shopfronts like in shopping centers
  • Ideal for confined places
  • For outside roller shutters for roller box
  • Ideal for oversized dimensions
  • Meet with the EN 13241-1 provision
  • Suitable for explosion protection standards

These have number of flexible options for installation as these can be installed outside, inside, laterally or overhead due to less weight and reduced space. We offer the roller shutters that are perfect for structural situation.

Planners and architects work with the creativity to meet with the individual vision. We offer the shutters with the multiple color options that become perfect medium to reveal about the company’s corporate design.

Since decade we have been providing the solutions for the façade including shopfronts and shutters with standardized quality material and best designs. We have set standard for others in supplying best quality roller grille shutters in UK.


Special features

  • Provided with glazing elements that restrict the daylight to enter the hall.
  • Double skinned sections with transparent, insulated and shock resistance poly carbonate for double glazing.
  • In built powerful drive and control systems that can be programmed easily
  • Stable and robust components that provide durability
  • Mechanical locking options provide the burglary resistant security including the two way locking inside and outside, single sided locking and even sliding pad bolts to each end of the rail.
  • We provide designs with manufacturing of bottom grille curtain with robust aluminium section for stability and strength and even black rubber seal can be inserted for the full length of bottom rail.