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Earlier most of the people have installed single glazed glass on window and door in homes and office. But as the time changed as well as technology the double glazing system came into existence. Still, many people are not aware of it properly. Here are some common questions about the double glazed glass:

Explain double glazing glass?

The double glazing glass has 2 panes of glass which are separated by the spacer and then are sealed properly. The gap between the pane is helpful in providing the insulation in winter as well as in summer.

What does it actually do?

Once the double glazed window or door is closed it traps the warm air inside it and makes the entire place cosy. In the same in summers, it does not let heat to enter the building. There are many systems which fail to provide the energy saving feature. But with this, it is possible to use energy in an efficient manner. This means also the energy bill is reduced as well the environment is also saved.

How much thick is this glass?

The thickness of double glazed can vary from 14mm to 50 mm. Additionally, this also depends on the manufacturing process that what thickness unit window or door can be accommodated. Make sure you consult the professional for getting installed Double Glazing In London.

Whether the glass can be customized or not?

The glass can be customized according to the requirements of the customer. No doubt, everyone has their own preference, some clients want 6.38 mm laminated glass for acoustic need and some need 5mm toughened glass. Considering the option of double glazed glass gives you a variety of options for pattern, thickness, and other things.

Do the double glazing glass last for a long time?

The double glazing will last according to how to maintain it after its installation. Once, the installation is done, our team you will tell you which product to use so that their working is not lost. We also make sure that the customers get the best service and the end product should be perfect.

How it is different from single glazed glass?

The single glazed glass is not that efficient in terms of energy which makes the double glazed glass even better. Moreover, they also give a better acoustic performance. So, it means its installation is definitely beneficial.

Is it possible to get them repaired?

No doubt, they can get damaged due to some mishappening or harsh weather condition. After a while, you might notice scratches on the glass on the broken part of the glass. It is very easy to get them changed and install a new one. Moreover, most of the manufacturers also give the warranty period of more than 5 years.