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Double glazing windows and door help in trapping the air inside the glass which helps in reducing the heat transfer. In this guide we have shared the most asked question about double glazing.

What is the rating for window energy?

With window energy rating, you can get to know about how efficient the windows are. The best rating is A+ and it starts from A+ to G. if you are looking to install windows then you can get A+ rated window from our company.

Is it possible to save money with double glazing?

Most of our clients ask us whether the glazing service can save them money. One thing which is sure that your money will be saved as the energy bill will be reduced. So, it means getting them replaced with traditional window is the best choice you have.

Do I have to get planning permission?

In case, if the area of the ground floor does not go beyond 3 square meters then planning permission is not needed.

What is the guaranty period of the windows?

The glazed windows and door will have a guaranty period of 10 years. While placing the order all the terms and conditions will be explained to you.

Why should I choose Double glazing?

You should choose this option because it helps in providing the best thermal performance to the entire place. It really helps you to save a good amount of money as it helps to keep the place warm and cold according to the weather.  Additionally, they are also best in providing security to the entire place.

What are Toughened glass and its requirement?

The use of toughened glass is best because it is five times stronger in comparison to normal glass. This means no one can easily break the glass and enter your premises. Actually, it is legally required to install these glass because of how they make the place secure with the glazing.  The windows which are less than 800mm should also be installed with toughened glass.

How many locking points the doors and window have?

With glazing, you will get an additional locking system of security. In the doors and Windows, you will get a 3-point locking system. If you want something more secure and you can increase the budget then that can also be done. Our team will help you select the best option according to your demand and need.

If you are looking for professionals then you can contact our company. We make sure our clients get the best service and on time. Our team can also provide service for Double Glazing in London. If you have any query then feel free to ask our team.