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Imagine walking into a building and you just sail through without holding or asking for help. The experience that the modern sliding and glass doors give is just foremost the best that the modern world can deploy in the homes and in the commercial buildings. Back in the days, one would walk into a building with luggage, has to wait for the other to pass through the door, and at times collide with others in case of commotion.

The modern automatic doors are just the opposite of the traditional doors

What are automatic doors?

Automatic doors are mainly glass doors manufactured and designed with the toughest glass for aesthetic and security purposes. Automatic doors open and close themselves without touching them mainly controlled by sensors installed along with them

Where do they fit?

Automatic doors are just the perfect match for modern buildings. They can be installed in hospitals, airports, commercial buildings, and homes. The doors are designed with specifications and mostly depending on their purpose. Automatic doors may seem absolute for commercial buildings since they are believed to easily break down but it’s not true. The glass is toughened for maximum security and protection from intruders and burglary activities

Where to get them

Finding the best manufactures is quite hard and at the same time important. The automatic doors London is proven to be the best for any purpose. The automatic doors are designed with logos or trademarks if stipulated.

How they perform?

The automatic doors are manufactured in different weights. The common weight goes around 400Kg though doors with 2500 Kg are manufactured. Every sliding door will have a controller, which includes a remote, antenna, cog wheel, sensor, and a motor which is positioned in the earth next to the sliding door. The security sensor will send a signal in case of any disruption. The sensor is automatic and at times installed with lights for warning purposes in case of interruption.

Automatic doors and the modern world

These doors have been in use in mostly the developed countries like USA, Britain, Germany and EAU. With time, these doors have also been preferred to the traditional doors in developing countries, or those yearning for economic development.

In combination of automatic doors, shop fronts in UK have also been preferred due to the beauty they create in homes and in retail shops. Almost all business today have installed automatic or glass doors

Benefits of the automatic doors

There has been always a need to create something unique and of more value in the current times. Automatic doors are of much benefit in the following cases

  • Beautiful and classy- Modern buildings give a beautiful impression due to the beautiful features installed in them along with the automatic doors
  • Convenient in commercial places- Commercial places receive hundreds of people and automatic doors help in easy and fast access into the building.
  • See through for products promotion- Your products are put on display for potential buyers
  • Elegant- The automatic doors are manufactured in different colors which give the best appearance to the public
  • Better security since they are automatic